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Punjabi love shayari female voice

Punjabi shayari female voice

Title: Punjabi love shayari female voice

Best Punjabi - Hindi Love Poems, Sad Poems, Shayari and English Status

What is love? || Love english thougts

Love is not about sharing the bed. Love is all about sharing the emotions. Love is not about celebrating Valentine’s day. Love is all about celebrating each and every day as a Valentine’s day. Love is not about holding on. Love is all about letting go. Love is not about “i love you” or “i miss you”. Love is all about those unspoken feelings. Love is not about changing yourself. Love is all about be yourself. Love is not about checking partner’s phone. Love is all about Trust.♥

Title: What is love? || Love english thougts

Nazar || love Hindi shayari

Nazar ko nazar 👀ki khabar na lage
Koi ascha bhi is kadar na lage😉
Aapko😇 dekha hai bas us nazar se
Jis nazar 👀se aapko 💕 nazar na lage..

नज़र को नज़र 👀की खबर ना लगे
कोई अच्छा भी इस कदर ना लगे😉 
आपको😇 देखा है बस उस नज़र से
जिस नज़र👀 से आपको💕 नज़र ना लगे।

Title: Nazar || love Hindi shayari