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Surjit Patar || A legend of Punjabi Shayari

Dr. Surjit patar a punjabi shyari legend
Dr. Surjit Patar

Surjit Patar is a Punjabi language writer and poet of Punjab, India. His poems enjoy immense popularity with the general public and have won high acclaim from critics .
He has also written tele-scripts on Punjabi poets from Sheikh Farid to Shiv Kumar Batalvi.
Dr. Surjit Patar (14 January 1945) was born in village ‘Pattar Kalan’ of Distt. Jallandhar (Punjab).  e is a well known poet, translator and script writer. His poetic works are: Hawa Vich Likhe Harf, Birakh Arz Kare, Hanere Vich Sulagdi Varnmala, Lafzaan Di Dargah, Patjhar Di Pazeb, Sur-Zameen and Chan Suraj Di Vehngi.

Surjit Patar Views on Shiv kumar batalvi.