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Keep that friend || true friendship thoughts

Keep that friend that accepts you for who you are. been telling you, “I’m here to support you,” and will respect you behind your back. Guiding you through your journey while reaching your goals.A friend 

who knows you have nothing but never gets tired of choosing you. A friend that love you for who you are, not because of what you have.

They are gold.♥

You’re not alone || Motivational quote

You’re not alone.

Your actions are being watched by God. Your words are being heard by God. What you see/watch and with what intentions, God knows everything. Nothing is hidden from him. Neither your good or bad deeds/intentions.

Isn’t enough to shook someone’s soul?

Survive through music only || Its hard English thoughts

It’s hard when you can’t talk to the person with whom you used to talk daily.

you can’t see them anymore, you’ve lost all the rights, you’ve lost your precious love.

It’s hard when you want to see them for once but you’re helpless. The world become the hardest place and your heart become the most sensitive organ at that moment and then you want to survive through music.

It’s hard when you can’t talk to the person with whom you used to talk daily, you can’t see them anymore, you’ve lost all the rights, you’ve lost your precious love.

It’s hard when you want to see them for once but you’re helpless. The world become the hardest place and your heart become the most sensitive organ at that moment and then you just have to survive through music only.

To my all girls out here || Advice English thoughts

– To my all girls out here!!

Please don’t force your man to marry you, never do that. Because you don’t deserve a person who’s confused about having you for a life. Papa nahi manengay? abhi stable nahi hu family pressure hai blah blah please don’t listen. You seriously don’t deserve a marriage who was forced to marry you. You deserve a guy who says….  sab ko mana luga bass tum manjao? Stable nhi tou kya hua mil ke honge.

Move on from that guy who make excuses to marry a beautiful girl like you because your parents haven’t raised you this way. You all are beautiful and you all deserve beautiful spouses.❤️

How I live my life || Personal life thoughts in english

From time to time,I need some me time.i don’t call anyone ,I don’t text anyone.its not that I am sad or in depressed .its just that I need some time peace, alone .I watch movies ,listen to music ,read books,and just chill .I mute my notification.and I reply only when i feel like.i kwon some people find it wrong and insulting,but I find it absolutely right.i share most days of my life with others.but some days I just want for myself .if I end up losing people because of this .than I guess I am losing the right people .if you are so insecure about our bond ,that you can’t take a couple of days off,than maybe I am not right for you .I need that freedom , forever ,you have value that I belong to myself, need to respect how I live my life.

What is love? || Love english thougts

Love is not about sharing the bed. Love is all about sharing the emotions. Love is not about celebrating Valentine’s day. Love is all about celebrating each and every day as a Valentine’s day. Love is not about holding on. Love is all about letting go. Love is not about “i love you” or “i miss you”. Love is all about those unspoken feelings. Love is not about changing yourself. Love is all about be yourself. Love is not about checking partner’s phone. Love is all about Trust.♥

Submit shayari and earn money

You heard it right. Now you can earn money by just submitting your shayaris to

I remember, few years ago i was looking for a website or portal where I can submit shayaris and get some bucks.

But most of the sites were not offering any benefits to the writers, although they were earning hefty amount of money through advertisement.

Then I went to the forums, where one can submit and discuss any topic.

I invested my time but still not able to get anything where I can get back something in return.

So in 2015, I decided to launch my own website but launching a website from scratch is always very hard.

I started this website with a major purpose to give something in returns to contribute. so today I am writing this blog to let you know that now you can get some money in your bank accounts directly on successful publish a shayari post.

Now point is how to get that money. Please read below steps:


Process is very simple. Its not a robot science. you just need to submit your own shayari posts. that’s it.

Steps to submit shayari and get credits:

  • First register yourself, if you don’t have any account yet on zindagiterenaam.
  • Now login and visit to submit shayari page.
  • fill the content and click on submit.
  • congrats! you have posted your first shayari. you can see your post in my posts. Initially, they will be shown as “in-review”. Later we will review and publish them.
  • On successful post publish, you will get an email confirming that your post has been published.
  • And also you will get 2 Rupees credit in your account.
  • There are some rules that user must follow before submitting the shayari post otherwise it can be rejected. so please read them carefully.


Money redeem process is also too easy. you just need to click one button. below are the detail steps:

earn money by submitting shayari
  • In my account section you will see your UPI address where the money will be transferred and your credits.
  • You can request to redeem your credits only once you reach to threshold value.
  • There is threshold of 20Rs. for the redemption. So it means you have to submit atleast 10 shayari posts to get your first 20rs.
  • Once you reach to 20Rs credits, redeem button will be active which you can click to get the amount credits.
redeem button active with money. submit shayari and earn money


Earned credits mean total amount you have earned which is pending for redemption.
Paid credits mean total amount which is credited to you till date.

Amount will be credited to you within 2 weeks from the redemption request to you UPI payment address. You can update your UPI address in update biography page in UPI field.

please note that UPI address must be in xxxx@xxx format. please check page how to create UPI address before updating it in your bio.

We will be exploring more areas to earn money.

Happy submitting Shayari. Stay tuned.

How to create UPI payment address using BHIM application?

Any user having a smartphone and bank account is eligible to use BHIM. That being said, you need your mobile number registered with the bank and a debit card linked to that account. You can download the app from Playstore or AppStore.
After installing and running the app for the first time:

  1. Select Language
  2. The app will ask permission to send SMS to verify.
  3. A successful attempt will take you to the Home page
  4. If unsuccessful, after 45 seconds an OTP will be sent to you.
  5. If step 4 is unsuccessful, you will be prompted to dial an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code.
  6. Once National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) recognizes your mobile number and handset, your registration is complete.

On successful registration, a default ID i.e. mobilenumber@upi will be created.

Please check detail BHIM registration video to create UPI address.

You can then update this address in “update BIO” UPI section.