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Pyaar howe ja nafarat || Punjabi shayari

Saanu na sikhawi kise naal milan de saleeke
pyaar howe ja nafrat
badhi shidat naal karde haa asii

ਸਾਨੂੰ ਨਾ ਸਿਖਾਵੀਂ ਕਿਸੇ ਨਾਲ ਮਿਲਣ ਦੇ ਸਲੀਕੇ🙏
ਪਿਆਰ ਹੋਵੇ ਜਾਂ ਨਫ਼ਰਤ
ਬੜੀ ਸ਼ਿੱਦਤ ਨਾਲ ਕਰਦੇ ਹਾਂ ਅਸੀਂ😎..!!

Title: Pyaar howe ja nafarat || Punjabi shayari

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Desi haryanvi Hindi Shayari

मैं किहो🙎 मैडम जी हाम 🧑देसी सा
▶️        ते देसी 💪ही रहा गा।🤟🤟

Title: Desi haryanvi Hindi Shayari

How to create UPI payment address using BHIM application?

Any user having a smartphone and bank account is eligible to use BHIM. That being said, you need your mobile number registered with the bank and a debit card linked to that account. You can download the app from Playstore or AppStore.
After installing and running the app for the first time:

  1. Select Language
  2. The app will ask permission to send SMS to verify.
  3. A successful attempt will take you to the Home page
  4. If unsuccessful, after 45 seconds an OTP will be sent to you.
  5. If step 4 is unsuccessful, you will be prompted to dial an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code.
  6. Once National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) recognizes your mobile number and handset, your registration is complete.

On successful registration, a default ID i.e. mobilenumber@upi will be created.

Please check detail BHIM registration video to create UPI address.

You can then update this address in “update BIO” UPI section.

Title: How to create UPI payment address using BHIM application?