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friend quote

Unconditional Friend || english friend quote

In the quiet moments, connections grow,

A bond that only we two know.

As questions rise in the night,

I wish for a new dawn, pure and bright.

May our bond stay strong and true,

A fresh start for me and you.

No matter what the future brings,

Our friendship soars on gentle wings.

Friendship English quotes || See You Sometime

“Friendship Forever Shines”

                  See you sometime, my dear old friend,

Our journey together now must end,

But fear not, for this is not goodbye,

Our paths will cross again, by and by.

Life takes us on unexpected trails,

With twists and turns, and winds and gales,

But in our hearts, a bond remains,

That nothing, not even time, can erase.

We’ll cherish the memories we’ve shared,

The laughter, tears, and moments bared,

And though we may now part our ways,

Our friendship forever stays.

So let us bid adieu with a smile,

For in our hearts, we’ll walk that extra mile,

And when we meet again, our souls will chime,

For true friendships never die, but only shine.

See you sometime, my dear old friend,

Till then, let our love and warmth extend,

For distance may keep us far apart,

But in our hearts, we’re always close at heart.

Best friends || memories quotes

We can forget everything But memories with that idiot friend is unforgettable 😍