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friend quote

Dear Best friend

Dear Best friend
Dear best friend

Best friend || english quote

Why best friends so special || english best quotes on friends
Why best friends so special?

My best friend || english quotes

You are someone I found as a stranger…but today you are part of my heart…you are my happiness whenever I need to share my feelings with I lookup to you…i know I can irritate you,tease you , get angry but our friendship will never break due to such reasons…you are the only one I am comfortable with being around my self…i don’t want many friends…I just want you as my best friend forever…

Keep that friend || true friendship thoughts

Keep that friend that accepts you for who you are. been telling you, “I’m here to support you,” and will respect you behind your back. Guiding you through your journey while reaching your goals.A friend 

who knows you have nothing but never gets tired of choosing you. A friend that love you for who you are, not because of what you have.

They are gold.♥