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we have 2 lines, love romantic and sad english thoughts and shayaris.

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True love define || English quote in 2 lines

You know it’s True Love..
when only His happiness matters to you..

To my all girls out here || Advice English thoughts

– To my all girls out here!!

Please don’t force your man to marry you, never do that. Because you don’t deserve a person who’s confused about having you for a life. Papa nahi manengay? abhi stable nahi hu family pressure hai blah blah please don’t listen. You seriously don’t deserve a marriage who was forced to marry you. You deserve a guy who says….  sab ko mana luga bass tum manjao? Stable nhi tou kya hua mil ke honge.

Move on from that guy who make excuses to marry a beautiful girl like you because your parents haven’t raised you this way. You all are beautiful and you all deserve beautiful spouses.❤️

How I live my life || Personal life thoughts in english

From time to time,I need some me time.i don’t call anyone ,I don’t text anyone.its not that I am sad or in depressed .its just that I need some time peace, alone .I watch movies ,listen to music ,read books,and just chill .I mute my notification.and I reply only when i feel like.i kwon some people find it wrong and insulting,but I find it absolutely right.i share most days of my life with others.but some days I just want for myself .if I end up losing people because of this .than I guess I am losing the right people .if you are so insecure about our bond ,that you can’t take a couple of days off,than maybe I am not right for you .I need that freedom , forever ,you have value that I belong to myself, need to respect how I live my life.

What is love? || Love english thougts

Love is not about sharing the bed. Love is all about sharing the emotions. Love is not about celebrating Valentine’s day. Love is all about celebrating each and every day as a Valentine’s day. Love is not about holding on. Love is all about letting go. Love is not about “i love you” or “i miss you”. Love is all about those unspoken feelings. Love is not about changing yourself. Love is all about be yourself. Love is not about checking partner’s phone. Love is all about Trust.♥

I do miss some people || Missing someone english quote

Yes, I do miss some people and sometimes I wish I could have them back in my life but I guess it’s okay that they aren’t here anymore. Maybe their part in my life is over and every time they cross my mind I try to say a small prayer for them. ♥️

Learn to love || Tips for broken heart || english quote


You’ll be responsible || Life lesson english quote

If you’re not ready for someone, don’t disturb them,
because in the #End, you’ll be responsible for every heart you break
and every tear drop that falls from their eyes.