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SURVEY Responses and actions

This page shows the responses that we received from survey and actions to be taken against them.

If You have not filled the survey yet, you can fill it at Survey. We will keep this survey as anonymous.

Below are some responses that we got till date: 31/10/2020

  1. Below is the response for question: “How is your experience with”

2. Below are some responses on suggestions and actions that we will take against them.

ResponsesActions (To be) Taken
Sir I think you have to pay the contributors for best don’t have to pay too much but you have to pay little bit.beacuse every contributor give own best for writing Shayries.your site runs due to the contributors.sp so sir I think you have to pay little bit to your contributor..We have introduced the incentive system: incentive
We will improve it further to support our contributors.
Add any queries feature…You guys can ask me any query on my email
Atfirst i dont feel to make this site more good but i want to suggest you to make our site more fancy or costomizedThanks for the comment. It would be more helpful for us if you had given an example. But no issue, I will surely be looking into user experience. Thanks..
show more quotes not only 4-5This is very good point, I will explore infinite scroll option. Currently we are showing only 6 shayaris because of site performance. But sure I will be looking into it.
If someone taken lines from here showing date name on the page permenentIf I understand correctly, Are you saying Author posts with name and date are permanent on this site? The answer is yes. we never change date and author name.
Keep it upthanks
Include more Motivation quotes..Noted, will add soon.
Bs eda hi…help krde rho shupe hoe.talents diSure, we will keep adding new features for our contributors.
Nice oneThank you.
Painful but trueThanks, for comment. You can visit True but sad and Dard shayari
Very goodThanks.
More perfectThanks for you comment, Sure we will keep doing improvements.
In diffrrnt ways nd New ideasSure, We will be exploring new Ideas too.
Panjabi shaiyri hindi meActually this is very difficult and time consuming for us. We are already putting shayaris in english and punjabi both scripts. Also you can use translate option.
everything is ok.. keep it up! ☺Thank you.
write correct spelling mistake is too muchThanks for the comment. we will be looking into it.
Response fastlySure, thanks. Note please always contact me via email for fast response:
Very goodThanks for nice response.
Your quotes NycThank you for liking our website.
More sad and long sayariiThanks for your suggestion. we will try to add more long shayaris.
For sad status you can visit: sad punjabi shayari, sad hindi shayari
For long poetries, please visit: Poetries
Your site is very good I always feel relief when I read these shayariThanks for the comment. Good to know that our Shayari is helping you.
Explains the meaning of some wordsThanks for the response. Yes, we know currently, we don’t have any “words meaning” facility. I have noted your comment in my new feature list, but you know adding a dictionary like feature will take huge time may be a year. For the time being I can suggest you some options from where you can get meanings:
1. Google translate
2. Punjabi dictionary.
Update: Added “Translate” link at every shayari. On click it will open google translation page.
Nice Website … Pls use some emojis 💘Very soon you will see emojis in some of our new shayaris. Thanks for the comment.
Put shyari in a separate box…😊Actually, I didn’t get your comment properly. It would be better if you could explain it with an example. What I can assume here is you want some/multiple shayaris in a post. If this is right, I will add some posts like that very soon. Thank you.
your poetries were fine but not heart touchingPoetries on our website are submitted by the contributors. There may be chances that some poetries may not touch your heart but it doesn’t mean that are not good. Our contributors write poetries with hard-work and share with us. We should thank to them.
Please keep reading our shayaris, I know you will surely find some shayaris that will suit to your feeling.
keep it upThanks for such a good response.
Your shayaris makes my relation strong ..😘 thanks ❤️We are very happy that our website is helping you
in your relation. Keep visiting to our site and thanks for
being the user of this website.
keep up chardhi kalaThank you so much for such a nice comment.
Bas sabko mauka do or kisi ke bhi talent ko show karne me help karoYour comment is very helpful and we will take it very seriously.
We have some plans for this and I would like to list some of them:
1. We are building a page to list all our Contributors. You can visit to this page by click here . This page is currently under development, we are working on it for better experience.
2. I will publish an article on “Contributors” very soon, that what and how they can use this website to show their talent to the world.
3. User profile picture update is coming very soon.
There is much more we are working on to help our contributors. We are only 2 member team, so it may take sometime to complete our targets.
You should use emojis. Baki Sara sohna aa …. My favourite website ❤️Thank you for such a useful suggestion, I will add this comment to our future features list. May be I’ll also come up with an article or a video which will demonstrates to our contributors, how they may use emojis in their Shayaris.
update: I have added an article for contributors to add Emojis. How to add emojis in shayari? we cannot add emoticons in all of our shayaris, but you will see them in some of our new shayaris very soon.