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Jaspreet Kaur

Long way to go

Thou the dreams may fade away,Tiny droplets may drain away,

shadows of little feet shall blossom someday,

Thou the rays of hope win over grays.

Splatter the rotten days  and grow new ways,

Demolish the spin of night clouds through some pace,

Spray the narrow paved hopes with brighten rainbow maze.

Thou the time will come,thy see the mirage,

Upside-downside reveal the shiny age,

Rise above the tidal waves win like a savior,

Fly over the oceans like the great albatross,

Cross the haunted mountains without sore,

Heavenly Gods shall guide the road,

Break the narrows explore the broad,

Take the risks and Emerge  like a fierce warrior.

Miles! Miles! Miles! Long way to go,

Every mile ain’t a destined place to roar,

Every day is a new  discovery, Thou inner peace and ivory,

Time will come and  go but the lessons learned shall remain brazed,

Glaze on face be the same,rise above over  like a dame,

Thou the dreams may fade away, tiny droplets may drain away!

Jaspreet Kaur