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alone quote

Miss someone || missing english quote

Miss someone || missing english quote
Its normal to miss someone

True lines || English quotes

“It,s better to live alone,  than to be disturbed by wrong peoples”

Some people are irreplaceable || True but sad Quote

Some people are irreplaceable.

You still can feel the pain in your chest when you think about the moment they were finally leaving and you were even begging them to stay.

You know you’ll never get over that moment. It really hurts.💔

You’re not alone || Motivational quote

You’re not alone.

Your actions are being watched by God. Your words are being heard by God. What you see/watch and with what intentions, God knows everything. Nothing is hidden from him. Neither your good or bad deeds/intentions.

Isn’t enough to shook someone’s soul?

How I live my life || Personal life thoughts in english

From time to time,I need some me time.i don’t call anyone ,I don’t text anyone.its not that I am sad or in depressed .its just that I need some time peace, alone .I watch movies ,listen to music ,read books,and just chill .I mute my notification.and I reply only when i feel like.i kwon some people find it wrong and insulting,but I find it absolutely right.i share most days of my life with others.but some days I just want for myself .if I end up losing people because of this .than I guess I am losing the right people .if you are so insecure about our bond ,that you can’t take a couple of days off,than maybe I am not right for you .I need that freedom , forever ,you have value that I belong to myself, need to respect how I live my life.