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emotion quote

Emotionally attach || sad but true || English quotes

Don’t get emotionally attached with someone because when they stop talking you never come out of it.🍂

Stop hurting feelings | Emotion english quote

Very emotionally english quote
Stop hurting feelings by asking for love from the people who are emotionally unavailable for you

Dont cry for the person|| motivational English Quotes || Sad Quotes

“Don’t cry for the person who dosen’t cry for you and never value your tears”

“People who laugh more are able to tolerate pain better, both physical and emotional”

Try not to be sad

What is love? || Love english thougts

Love is not about sharing the bed. Love is all about sharing the emotions. Love is not about celebrating Valentine’s day. Love is all about celebrating each and every day as a Valentine’s day. Love is not about holding on. Love is all about letting go. Love is not about “i love you” or “i miss you”. Love is all about those unspoken feelings. Love is not about changing yourself. Love is all about be yourself. Love is not about checking partner’s phone. Love is all about Trust.♥