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To my all girls out here || Advice English thoughts

– To my all girls out here!!

Please don’t force your man to marry you, never do that. Because you don’t deserve a person who’s confused about having you for a life. Papa nahi manengay? abhi stable nahi hu family pressure hai blah blah please don’t listen. You seriously don’t deserve a marriage who was forced to marry you. You deserve a guy who says….  sab ko mana luga bass tum manjao? Stable nhi tou kya hua mil ke honge.

Move on from that guy who make excuses to marry a beautiful girl like you because your parents haven’t raised you this way. You all are beautiful and you all deserve beautiful spouses.❤️

How I live my life || Personal life thoughts in english

From time to time,I need some me time.i don’t call anyone ,I don’t text anyone.its not that I am sad or in depressed .its just that I need some time peace, alone .I watch movies ,listen to music ,read books,and just chill .I mute my notification.and I reply only when i feel like.i kwon some people find it wrong and insulting,but I find it absolutely right.i share most days of my life with others.but some days I just want for myself .if I end up losing people because of this .than I guess I am losing the right people .if you are so insecure about our bond ,that you can’t take a couple of days off,than maybe I am not right for you .I need that freedom , forever ,you have value that I belong to myself, need to respect how I live my life.

If you can’t stay please don’t come || Attitude lines from heart english

I saw people bitching behind me , and the painful thing is they’re my close ones . I just wanna ask them what exactly my fault was ? Trusting them? 

Blindly? You guys are really unfaithful. 

Ain’t there a single person whom I can trust ?

Now I’m at the point of life where I’m scared to trust someone . People are leaving me for this . For my trust issues. I swear I’m not a bad person. 

I need y’all . 

I’m afraid of being alone . I’m afraid of losing people . Stop being fake to me. 

And if you can’t stay please don’t come.