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Dil tutne ka gam || Shiddat

Dil tutne ka gam || Shiddat || hindi shayari

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Best Friend shayari || Hindi shayari on dosti || beautiful lines

ऐ दोस्त तू मेरी धड़कन में बसा है
तेरी यारी से ही मैंने
लाइफ को पहचाना है.!!

वो बचपन के खेल बड़े ही सुहाने होते है
जब सच्चे यार ही अपने दीवाने होते है.!!

ए दोस्त तू इस जग में सबसे प्यारा है
तेरी दोस्ती से ही मेरी
जिंदगी में उजियारा है.!!

जो बर्बाद ना कर दे वो शौक कैसा
जो बर्बाद होकर भी
साथ ना दे वो दोस्त कैसा..!!

ये मेरे दिल का किस्सा
भी बड़ा अजीब है जो
दोस्त दिल के सबसे
करीब है वही हमसे दूर है..!

Title: Best Friend shayari || Hindi shayari on dosti || beautiful lines

A Conversation with the Porn Star || Blair Williams

A Conversation with the Porn Star ||  Blair Williams

How much do you know about adult film industry and porn stars in general? Have you ever dreamt of changing your current job? Pupils are obsessed with the thought to finish the damn school and go play with their friends. Well, this is what one of the most well-known porn-stars in the US Blair Williams actually did. The woman of unbelievable natural beauty made a serious choice towards the porn industry that she never regretted. Let us tell some more about the sweet looking blonde.

Aesthetically good

Blair Williams is 5’9” tall. She weighs about 146 pounds. These are the reasons for stunningly looking curves and a healthy ass. Aesthetic beauty. If you do not know a thing about it, just go and see some episodes with this babe. Always the sexiest lingerie, a good taste in outlooks. A bunch of her photos on Instagram and endless episodes demonstrate how good and stretchy her body is.

Inexperienced before

Could you believe that this blonde from Lorna Linda, California, would substitute the classroom with children with the better game for the grown-ups, the famous Sex Factor (by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out immediately)? The series of porn reality TV show only helped to reveal her hidden talents. Oh yeah, and win a million dollars. Blair accepted all the challenges and indulged into the porn industry still working at the church school part-time. Soon she realized that this is what brings her a true pleasure. Just for the record. Her Instagram profile is called @godblessblaire. What an irony)

A good actress

Blair has tried out various roles, but her favorite was, of course, the paralegal. She liked it so much that a paralegal license is now in the plans of a widely known porn-actress. Who knows, maybe in several years she will become a bride at Why not?

A Professional

An accomplished dominatrix, a blowjob master (she easily bends her head standing with her back to you), a lesbian pussy licker… These are some types of porn-movies she particularly likes to shoot in. Not so long ago she tried out some hardcore boy-girl scenes for Vixen. That was a work of art. The girl definitely knows what she is doing.

An Ambitious Porn-Actress

Every year she is nominated for best oral sex, best anal sex, best group sex by AVN. What is more, Blair is sure the achievements in the porn-industry are worth to be proud of. Very soon you will be able to watch her brand-new documentary with such an inspiring name “Some Pornstars Go To Heaven”. It already won its first IndiFEST award. Let me guess. You didn’t expect such a hard work from such an innocent girl. Congrats, Blair!

The Same Girl

In the interviews, Blair constantly assures that she is the same girl that worked in the church. Her life slightly changed, but the values and the ideas didn’t. Now she just has to fuck in front of a camera to earn big money. Life is full of such unexpected turns, she says. Still, Blair has never regretted her choice. We didn’t as well, right guys?

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