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time quote

Give people time || english QUOTEs

Give people time.
Give people space.
Don’t beg anyone to stay.
Let them roam.
what’s meant for you,
will always be yours..

No matter how much || motivational English Quotes || Sad Quotes

“it isn’t the bad memories that make you sad but the best ones that you can’t bring it back”

“No matter how much time had passed when she looked at him, she saw always the wild, black haired boy she had fallen in love with”

don’t need to waste your time || english best life quote

Don’t need to waste your time on someone
who only wants you around when
you fits their needs

How I live my life || Personal life thoughts in english

From time to time,I need some me time.i don’t call anyone ,I don’t text anyone.its not that I am sad or in depressed .its just that I need some time peace, alone .I watch movies ,listen to music ,read books,and just chill .I mute my notification.and I reply only when i feel like.i kwon some people find it wrong and insulting,but I find it absolutely right.i share most days of my life with others.but some days I just want for myself .if I end up losing people because of this .than I guess I am losing the right people .if you are so insecure about our bond ,that you can’t take a couple of days off,than maybe I am not right for you .I need that freedom , forever ,you have value that I belong to myself, need to respect how I live my life.

N we can be together again || Love english quote

I wish to talk to you
But i cant
I want to spend time with you
But i cant
I m always worried abt you
But cant let you know
I wish, time winds back again
N we can be together again