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When you play love games || english thought

When you play love games with others
it is easy but
when it done with you, with a blink
become opposite

❤️One face and last wish extented || ❤️ love thoughts

One face
That one face❤️
No white
No black
No love
No hate
No bad
No great
I still remember that one face ❤️
No early
No late
No enemy
No soulmate
I still feel that one face ❤️
No different
No match
I still wait that one face ❤️
No give
No take
No real
No fake
No belong
No separate
I still want that one face ❤️
No worse
No great
I love only that one face ❤️
I just want to see that one face❤️
in the end of my life
I want to touch with my hand that one face❤️
Words by heart for my first or last❤️